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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Half Marathon Runners - A Few Tips for Final Preparation

With this weekend's local half marathons now just a few short days away, it's worth taking time to consider you final preparations for race day. Below are a few tips: 

  1. Keep training runs between now and race day to a minimum. It's easy to get carried away and keep pushing all the way to the start line. There is nothing extra to be gained at this stage other than tired legs on race day. Equally, don't stop completely. If you normally run most days, stopping completely may take you out of your routine and feel strange. So instead of stopping completely try just going for a little jog (10 - 15 mins will do the trick), keeping your routine, enjoy the spring weather and think through your race plans.
  2. Plan your race day breakfast, ensuring that you do not eat anything unusual in the days before the race and, most importantly, on race day eat the food that you would normally eat before a training run.
  3. Try and use the toilet before leaving home. It takes away some of the stress of finding a toilet at the race venue. However always arrive prepared to use the venue toilets by bringing your own toilet paper.
  4. Plan your journey to the race and allow plenty of time, taking into account road closures and car parking, working back from start time and allowing enough time for a decent warm up. 
  5. Consider what happens to your track suit etc after you have finished your warm up.
  6. Minimise the valuables you take to the race, one less thing to worry about!
  7. Complete details on the back of your race number. They are there for good reason and it takes just a few minutes.
  8. Help yourself to avoid dehydration by drinking enough fluids (water is fine) and avoiding alcohol in the days running up to the race and particularly the day before.
  9. Select a place to meet family and friends after the race.
  10. Most important of all: Enjoy the race. You've worked hard and it's meant to be fun. 


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