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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Amazing Who You Bump Into When Out For a Run!

OK it was the first public event to be held in the Olympic Stadium since London 2012, but Massey Runners' Dave Goodwin was more than a little surprised to see distance running legend Paula Radcliffe at the finish of Sunday's National Lottery Anniversary Run.
Unfortunately, getting a quick snap with Britain's most successful distance runner and Marathon world record holder was a little more complicated than the picture on the right suggests.
"Myself and Anne-Marie (Dave's partner) did the 5 mile race watched by my Dad and Son (Joseph, pictured)," explained Dave.
"After the main race, I ran the family fun run with Joseph and as we finished I saw a bit of a crowd forming. Not wanting to miss out I went across and seeing it was Paula Radcliffe I panicked because I realised I'd left my camera with Anne-Marie and I couldn't find her."
A random act of kindness rescued the moment for Dave and Joseph,
"Another runner stepped in, took the photo on his phone and then emailed it to me. By the time I met up with Anne-Marie and she gave me back my phone, the picture was in my inbox. At that moment I equally loved technology and the camaraderie of runners!"

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