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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Virgin London Marathon - Some Interesting Facts

With the big race just days away have a read of these background facts:

The race is now established among the major events in the sporting calendar, the London Marathon is shown on television in more than 150 countries around the world each year.

A total of 817,890 runners have completed the London Marathon since it started. A record 36,550 people finished in 2010, while 34,705 finished in 2011. 

Research by the Sport Industry Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University found that in 2010 the London Marathon generated £110.1 million of economic activity in the UK while spending in the capital by marathon runners, spectators, organisers and visitors was worth £31.7m. The figures represent a 60 per cent increase in the event’s economic importance to the UK economy since it was last measured 10 years earlier. 

Interesting Facts

·         Finishers’ medals – main race 37,500

·         Finishers’ medals - mini marathon 2,500

·         Finishers’ bags for runners – main race 37,500

·         Finishers’ bags for runners –mini marathon 2,500

·         Goody bag items 600,000

·         Pink Lady apples 40,000 (in finishers’ bags)

·         Zero-emission vehicles 100

·         TNT lorries transporting runners’ kit 40

·         Renault Espace cars carrying media, VIPs and staff 16

·         Portable toilets (incl. start, course, mini marathon and finish) 1,250

·         Urinal bays at start 400

·         Blue line paint marking the course 300 litres – 3-stripe line

·         Barriers in metres 28,000 metres

·         Barrier Tape 100 kilometres

·         Roadside signs 200

·         Ball bearings in finish cones 3.2 million

·         Marshals at the start 1,100

·         Marshals at the finish 2,500

·         Marshals on the course 1,300

·         Marshals at drinks stations 2,500

·         St John Ambulance volunteers 1,500 (including 20 cycle response specialists)

·         Ambulances 50

·         First aid stations 47

·         First aid kits 100

·         Stretchers 500

·         Petroleum jelly 250 tubs; 100lbs

·         Baby oil 200 bottles

·         Plasters 2,000

·         Treatment centres 59

·         Foil blankets 40,000

·         Water stations 23, one every mile from three miles

·         Special drink stations 8 - for the elite runners where their chosen drinks are placed if required

·         Lucozade Sport stations 5 - isotonic energy drink is available to runners at 5, 10, 15, 19 and 23 miles;

·         149,100 100% recyclable 330ml bottles

·         Lucozade Sport (isotonic energy drink) 36,000 bottles of isotonic drink are distributed at the start and 36,000

·         in finishers’ bags. Cherry flavoured.

·         Lucozade Sport Carbo Gels 60,000 at miles 14 and 21

·         Tables at drink stations 650

·         Bottles of Nestlé Pure Life Around 750,000 bottles in total are distributed at the start, on the course and at the finish

·         Pubs on the course 80

·         Pubs hosting charities 50

·         Rubbish bags filled after the race 3,450

·         Runners’ blogs 7,200 – about 20 per cent of runners write a blog

·         Eighteen of the many thousands of people who have run the London Marathon over the years have finished every race from the very first in 1981 to the 31st on the 17 April last year. They are known as the ‘Ever Presents’. 

The London Marathon is a Guinness World Record breaker in its own right as the largest annual fundraising event in the world. In 2011 runners raised £51.8 million for charities meaning that a total of more than £550 million has been raised by London Marathon runners since the race started in 1981.

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