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Friday, 13 January 2012

An Australian Visitor's Views of Parkrun

Adam Fogg currently lives in Brisbane, Australia but was home in the UK for Christmas. Born in Warwick, 12 year old Adam is a keen 800m runner and wanting to keep running over Christmas, took part in the Leamington Parkrun on Christmas Eve.

Accompanied by his Dad and Uncle and watched by Mum, Brother, Auntie and several young Cousins, Adam thoroughly enjoyed his run around Newbold Comyn and wrote this short review:

'I thought the Leamington 5km Parkrun was really fun overall. It was very different to the 5km runs that are held around Australia, as the temperature was almost 30c colder, the terrain was different and overall it was just a totally different atmosphere.
The Parkrun was tiring but I really enjoyed it and think it is a great way to start your Saturday morning! I was 15th overall (3rd in U14s category) in 22.01

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