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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Finding Time To Run at Christmas

Finding time to run over the festive period can be difficult; daily routines change with additional travelling and lots of impromptu visits from family and friends.

Running can feel like a slightly selfish activity when faced with a houseful of overnight guests. However, it should still be possible to squeeze in some runs by practicing the following:

Plan ahead and communicate. Before you travel to your friend’s house or family members arrive on your doorstep, let people know that you're going to want to run during the visit. They'll appreciate the notice and they may even enjoy the free time when you're out training and they don't have to look after you or socialize.

Cut back on your training. Even the toughest of schedules should have some rest time factored in, so why not use the festive period to have a recovery week. You'll still be able to run and maintain fitness, but perhaps your training plan can be a little less rigid.

Suggest that family and friends join in. Why not do your run at a local trail or park. Christmas is traditionally a time for group walks, so perhaps some of the family would welcome your run as an excuse to get out of the house for some exercise

Run early in the morning. You're less likely to disrupt everybody’s plans if you run first thing in the morning, rather than trying to squeeze it in later in the day. It’s a little more difficult to run early if you are not used to it but running early can be very stimulating, will set you up for the day and, most of all, your training will be over before the rest of the house wakes up.

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